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EU security DevSecOps Reference Design initiative

Open call for volunteers (until end of Feb'23)

EACTDA, ENFSI, the LAZARUS project, among other members of the European Union's security research and innovation community are promoting the creation of a community-driven DevSecOps Reference Design document.

Do you also think that such a DevSecOps Reference Design document could greatly benefit the community if it is created/defined by the community and if it is supported by multiple entities which are representative of the diverse profile of organisations within the community?

Do you want to know more about this initiative? if so, click (here) and learn more about it and about how you and your organisation can be part of it


Non-profit association Tools4LEAs project, which has the goal to implement the key activities listed below.

The PURPOSE of the Association is the development of technological solutions for European Law Enforcement Agencies and Forensic Laboratories to use them in their fight against crime

The Tools4LEAs project

EACTDA has been awarded with a European Union grant to run the Tools4LEAs project, which has the goal to implement the key activities listed below.


For the consecution of that purpose, the next activities are performed, as long as legal requirements are complied with:

  1. Create and develop technological solutions for their operational use by LEAs and European Forensic Laboratories.
  2. Establish and maintain connections with relevant European Agents in the fight against crime.
  3. Identify the needs for technological solutions, establish development priorities and set a roadmap for the development of those technological solutions.
  4. Create and maintain a repository of technological solutions, both its own and developed by others, and manage the access to it.
  5. Monitor R&D&I European projects and reach agreements and collaboration frameworks that enable the knowledge of new developments made by those projects; including those that interest the Association in the technological solutions repository.