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i-LEAD Industry and Research Days 2022

Published: 2022-07-14

The i-LEAD Coordinator and Consortium Partners are pleased to announce this year's I-LEAD Industry and Research Days are taking place in The Hague, Netherlands, from the 6th to the 8th of September.
The event aims to bring together industry professionals, researchers, academics and practitioners to showcase innovation and technology that satisfies LEAs' needs - helping to support the resilience of frontline officers and practitioners across Europe.
Join us in establishing partnerships and fostering collaborative efforts to maximise LEA efficiency for a safe and secure Europe.
Solution providers in the following crime areas:
  • Mobile Hijacking
  • Vehicle Mitigation
  • Crime Scene Recording & Documentation
  • Online Investigation
  • Public Order & Counter-unmanned Aircraft Systems
are invited to apply and contribute to this year's i-LEAD Research & Industry Days scheduled from 6-8 September, in The Hague Netherlands.
The application process is open until the 23rd July!

More information on how to apply available at i-LEAD's website: here

ILEAnet Final Public Workshop on ILEAnet Achievements and Way Forward - 6-7 April 2022

Published: 2022-02-14

The ILEAnet Final Public Workshop will aim to:
  • Showcase the project results in a dynamic way and explore the question of their sustainability.
  • Further the understanding of the EU Research and Innovation landscape in security.
  • Share and discuss best practice and lessons learned on the use of the Network of Practitioners.
This event is intended for Law Enforcement Agencies, researchers, solution developers and policy makers from across Europe and we sincerely hope you will be able to join us.

More information in the Concept note and in the Safe the date message.

To register for the public workshop click here

EACTDA, the Tools4LEAs project, and the EU Security Research

Published: 2022-02-11

EACTDA and the Tools4LEAs project are a direct consequence and result of the EU Security Research ecosystem. Under the umbrella of the EU H2020 programme, a security research project called ASGARD was where the idea of EACTDA and the Tools4LEAs project was conceived.

The ASGARD project proofed as valid a new way of conducting security research projects, with a large representation of end-users as part of the Consortium, with "short"(er) development cycles, with six-monthly "hackathon" and "capture-the-flag" events at which new tools were presented, demonstrate, and evaluated by the end-user, so that further developments could be done, by delivering results (software solutions) with no license costs to EU public security organisations, ... and with the continuous support of the European Commission and many other relevant stakeholders.

EACTDA and the Tools4LEAs project give continuation to the methodology validated in the ASGARD project, focusing on cybercrime and on the uptake of security research results, so that EU public security practitioner organisations could received fully-tested and operational-ready solutions with no license cost and with access to the source code.

But EACTDA and the Tools4LEAs project cannot succeed without the collaboration and participation of many other relevant public and private organisations. Therefore, it is essential that robust, effective, and efficient collaboration frameworks are established with these key stakeholders. A non-exhaustive list of them includes EC DG HOME, Europol, CEPOL, ECTEG, FREETOOL, i-LEAD, ILEAnet, ...

The journey started this way... but there is still lots of work ahead of us!

"SecurIT project launches its first Open Call"

Published: 2022-01-25

The SecurIT project: New industrial value chain for Safe, Secure and Resilient Cities and Territories is an EU-funded project aiming to create a new global competitive security industry (product & service) by supporting a better integration of innovative security systems.
The Open Call funds up to 88k Euro to develop innovative security solutions under support program!
The call is open until April 26th at 17:00 CEST (Brussels Time).

You can find more information about the project and this first Open Call in the following PDF document and in the official Open Call page.

"EACTDA - UDeusto Lab"

Published: 2022-01-24

EACTDA is happy to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Deusto, in San Sebastián, Spain. The agreement includes the creation of a Technological Space named "Deusto - EACTDA Lab" that will facilitate trainees to gain experience in the field of technology development that will serve European law enforcement agencies and other public organisations, in their fight against cybercrime.

Through the so-called space, EACTDA offers a frame in which the students can complete their training, and what is more important, acquire real work experience by being part of cutting- edge technology development projects.

The work at the "Deusto - EACTDA Lab" will focus on the development of fully-tested and operational ready software solutions. The trainees will conduct applied research and development activities to ensure that the tools delivered are of the highest quality and appropriate for the needs of its intended end-users.

The agreement has been signed for the next three academic years and it also contemplates the possibility of conducting training activities and the development of informative and educative contents.

This collaboration agreement with UDeusto is the first of a series of agreements with European universities, all of them intended to establish long-lasting collaborative frameworks between the Association and innovative and leading universities.

Project started

Published: 2021-08-11

The Tools4LEAs project officially started in July 2021. The challenge for the upcoming six months will be to setup all the operational bodies, the processes, and the infrastructures, in order to allow organising and conducting a successfull demonstration and evaluation event at the end of this year.