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Below you will find all current vacancies and job offers of the European Anti-Cybercrime Technology Development Association (EACTDA). We are looking forward to receive your employment application at

Code: 2021#03

Technical Manager

The Technical Manager will report to the Business Manager of the Secretariat of the Association. The Technical Manager will be the maximum responsible person of all the technical aspects of the Association, both for operations and for new technical developments. Among its responsibilities it will be to define and ensure the compliance with the guidelines and procedures for the full development life cycle. The Technical Manager will also be responsible of the IT service and Project Management duties.

More information at: (PDF)

Code: 2022#01

Developer / Tester

The The Tester / Developer will report to the Technical Manager of the Secretariat of the Association and, among other things, he/she will be responsible of the design and produce clean and efficient code based on specifications and of planning, designing, preparing, executing, and reporting software/system tests.

More information at: (PDF)